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Brick Or Wooden Garage, Which One Is Better?


Are you planning to add a garage to your property? Or, do you want to use free space near your home to make a garage? If yes, then you might be confused between wooden garages and brick garages.


Depending on your needs and budget, both types of garages have plus points. Let’s explore more to decide which one is better!


Wooden Garages


In recent years, more and more people are considering wooden garages, and their popularity is increasing day by day. Timber garages can be added to your home to protect your vehicles.


Pros of wooden garages


  • Easy to Install


Wooden garages are very easy to install, and you can fix them on your own. Within a couple of days, you can use the wooden garage. Moreover, installation of timber garage only needs easy to erect, and if deciding to install your own garage, it is likely to only take you a couple of days before you can use it.


The frame of a timber garage is constructed up of posts and beams that are coated in wood. They’re available as pre-fabricated constructions or as custom-built structures.


  • Timber Garages are a Natural Insulator


Wood is a natural insulator, and you can use the wooden garages as a garden workshop too. It will keep the area warm in winters and cool in summers. It means less energy is needed to maintain the temperature in a garage made from timber.


  • Easier Repairs and Replacements


Wooden garages are easy to replace and repair as well. They can be repaired easily without much hassle and much money as well.


Cons Of Wooden Garages


  • The initial cost may be higher than brick garages
  • If not maintained well, mould and mildew can grow
  • If not cared for properly, wood can rot


Brick Garages


Brick garages are a great way to add an extra room in your home where you can park your vehicles. They are built from the ground up with bricks and mortar. Brick garages come in a range of styles that can be mixed to create a beautiful structure.


Pros of Brick Garage


  • Does not Catch Fire Easily


The brick garage is fairly resistant to fire, although if exposed continuously to high temperatures, it can crumble.


  • Prevent Noise from Entering The Room


Brick garages can block the outer noise and help maintain a noise-free environment. Being thick in size, the bricks can better block the noise as compared to timber.


  • Unaffected by Termites


Brick garages do not get easily affected by rot and termites. This will protect the garage from becoming dull and weak as well. Although a wooden garage, if maintained properly, does not get affected by termites.


Cons of Concrete Garages


  • They need additional foundations, and it takes time to build a brick garage
  • It is difficult to fix any damage in brick garages
  • They are hard to maintain, and their maintenance cost more
  • Brick garages are not eco-friendly and are not good insulators


Which One To Choose – Wooden Or Brick Garages


In the end, depending upon your budget and needs, you can choose either a wooden garage or a brick garage for your home. If you love natural material and want to create a green building, then a timber garage is a great option.